Online Law Updating Services

Allow us to introduce ourselves as one of the largest online Law Updating Services in Pakistan. We are offering our services specially for the following areas of Banking, Trade, Corporate, Civil, Tax & Fiscal Laws their amending Notifications (SROs & Circulars from concerned authorities) and Judgments issued by Courts with Local & International Media alerts on daily basis (including Sunday /Holidays): -

    • SECP’s Circulars and Notifications
    • CCP Orders, Notifications and Reports etc.
    • PSX Notices and Circulars
    • Laws relating to Labour & Industries etc.
    • Environmental & Energy Laws (Oil & Gas, Minerals, Health & Safety etc.)
    • Case Law or Court Citations
    • International & Local News analysis relating to Business & Investment
  2. Acts & Ordinances
    • Arbitration, Labour, Trade Mark & Patent Laws
    • Provincial Revenue/Registration Laws
    • Other relevant Enactments etc.
  3. 3. Taxation (Income Tax, Federal & Provincial Sales Tax, Federal Excise & Customs etc. with Budget related issues)
    • Circulars and Amending Notifications
    • Imports and Export related matters
    • Case Law or Court Citations
    • Daily News analysis on Taxation
  4. Fiscal Policy / Budget
    • Federal & Provincial Finance Bills & Acts
    • All related SROs.etc.
    • Budgetary Updates etc.
  5. Trade (Ministry of Commerce etc.)
    • Import & Export
    • Agreements / Treaties
    • PTA / FTA
    • Other Trade related issues
  6. Banking/Foreign Exchange & Trade (SBP & Ministry of Finance)
    • SBP’s Circulars
    • Case Law or Court Citations
    • International and Local Banking, Trade and Currency / Money Market related News analysis.

A. Our annual subscription for ONLINE LAW UPDATING SERVICES is varies from Rs. 18000, 24000, and 36000/ to Rs. 78,000/. These services may give to multiple recipients and segregated according to the requirement of the above mentioned packages.

B. We also physically update Law Books by visit to clients’ office or by taking relevant law books for 24 hours from client, than, return after incorporation of amendments. Fee may quote according to number of books and distance of location.

C. Library Management Services: - This service is designed for Chartered Accountants and Law Firms, maintenance and computerization of Law Books, Gazettes, circulars and Letters, notices, press clippings etc. etc. according to the scope of client’s requirement. Our charges may around Rs. 180,000/ per annum including 1 to 2 visits in a month.

D. We would also like to introduce our services for the GAZETTES, EXTRA ORDINARY ISLAMABAD PART I, II & III & weekly and extra ordinary gazettes issued from Karachi. Rs. 19,400/ per annum started from 1st July to 30th June is our fee. This service will provide you other information that may not include in E-mail services.